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College Basketball Week in Review (Jan. 1-7, 2007)

Posted by Mike on January 8, 2007

There have been so many exciting events in college sports in 2007, and we’re only in the very first week! In particular, there have been a lot of surprises in the land of college basketball.

  • Bob Knight Gets Win #880: This week Texas Tech coach Bob Knight finally broke Dean Smith’s record for most career wins as a head coach in Division I college basketball, beating New Mexico 70-68. He didn’t get the record, however, until the basketball gods seemed to make him sweat for it. As though breaking the record at Texas Tech instead of Indiana wasn’t punishment enough, the night when everyone expected Knight to get the record, UNLV came to Lubbock and beat the Red Raiders 74-66. Then there was a huge snowstorm in New Mexico that closed off the Interstate and local airport, threatening to postpone or cancel the Lobos’ date with Knight’s team. There was a short period of time when ESPN made bad jokes about the man upstairs being a Dean Smith fan. UNC radio personality Woody Durham was even quick to point out that two of Knight’s 880 victories were forfeits, and he needs two more wins to break the record legitimately. Knight will get the chance tonight at Kansas State.
  • Dook Goes Down!: As a Tar Heel fan, I love it when Dook gets upset in Cameron Indoor. Va. Tech gave the Blue Devils a run for their money last year, and I expected the Dukies to really put their foot on the Hokies’ throat in this game, but Tech simply would not go away, and they avenged last year’s heartbreaking loss thanks to the unbelievably good play of Zabian Dowdell and the unbelievably bad play of Greg Paulus. I was extremely concerned about Dook beating UNC this year. Now…not so much.
  • UCLA, Oregon Upset: The Oregon Ducks become the protagonist of a double whammy this week. First the Ducks lose their undefeated season at home to an unheralded USC team 84-82, and then #1 UCLA comes to Eugene and is handed their first loss, 68-66. Oregon won the game thanks to a clutch shot with 13 seconds left by a player who shares his name with the most un-clutch QB in the NFL: Aaron Brooks. This unusual series of events means that there is only one undefeated team left in Division I, and I am just as shocked as you are about who it is.
  • Clemson Final Unbeaten: This has to be the biggest surprise of the basketball season thus far. Clemson was expected to finish close to the bottom of the ACC (as they do almost every year), but they have played extremely well thanks in part to the Tigers’ excellent distribution of the ball. All 5 starters average at least 10 points per game, and the bench averages 20.6 points per game. Clemson is also very good at getting second opportunities, averaging 15.5 offensive rebounds per game. Perhaps their best asset has been luck. They have played in several very close games, and in each game someone has made the clutch shots to help the Tigers win. This kind of luck can only last so long, but it appears that they could be undefeated when the Tar Heels come to Littlejohn Coliseum on Jan. 17th. The Tigers have played a decent schedule, including several opponents from major conferences, but UNC would be their first ranked opponent. I am very much looking forward to that game. And speaking of the Heels…
  • UNC to be New #1: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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