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Week 12 Press Release (Gutted and Reupholstered)

Posted by Mike on December 11, 2006

(Note: I am not really a writer for the Daily Tar Heel, and this is merely a hypothetical scenario only loosely based on reality.)


Contact: Mike White

Sports Columnist, Daily Tar

PO Box 3257, Chapel Hill, NC 27515

(919) 962-0245

DTH Website to make changes in sports section

Chapel Hill, NC–December 11, 2005– Beginning next semester, The sports section of the the sports section on the Daily Tar Heel website ( will undergo some radical changes to its format and presentation.

Web-only articles will now be published alongside articles from the print DTH, and all articles will contain additional multimedia, including photos and links to similar or relevant articles. the DTH will also have a sports blog where all of the DTH sports columnists will contribute with articles, photos, videos, podcasts, and other information that can’t go into the the print DTH sports section.

“It’s a new direction we’re taking to better serve the students”, said DTH Senior sports writer Gregg Found. “It’s very exciting to add all of these cool features to the site-blogs, videos, mp3s, the like. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Up to this point, the online arm of the DTH sports section has been decidedly minimalist. The content was little more than print articles reprinted on the Web, initially for UNC students who were unable to get a print paper on campus. But as the web has grown, so has the need for new features on the site.

The new features for the site will include:

  • Photos. In addition to photos embedded in articles, the new site will feature photoessays, and photo galleries from sporting events.
  • Videos and podcasts. the DTH will now feature many video clips and podcasts, including highlights and reviews of events not broadcast on TV or radio.
  • Blogs. Perhaps the most important change that will take place is a new DTH blog exclusively for sports. All DTH sports will contribute articles to the blog on a regular basis and feature multimedia as well as access to related articles and opinions not expressed in the print DTH. This will allow for more freedom of expression amongst DTH sportswriters.

“The goal [of this project] is to provide a service that no one else can give, so that students come to us first” Found said. “Right now most students go online to Tar Heel Blue and to them, DTH online has been an afterthought. We want to change that.”

If this multimedia integration is succesful in the Sports section, the DTH may consider integrating the ideas into the entire website.

For more information on the DTH online sports section’s new features, please contact the Sports editor at or Mike White at


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